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Greetings gals and gates!

I guess I'll get this clambake started and introduce myself then.

Sabrina Quinn here, a canary from that oh-so windy city of Chicago. Maybe you've heard of me, maybe you haven't.

I've been in Vodeville for a few years now, just singing for my supper. If you've been to the Black Orchid, perhaps you've caught me crooning night and day about getting ten cents a dance in stormy weather. Sometimes I'll just see what the boys in the back room will have. I've also been known to jump in with the band (hush your mouth) to help roll out the barrel or do the Carioca. And if anyone needs a dance partner, I can do a mean lindy hop.

If you'd like to reach me, just call the club and leave a message for [AIM s/n] shimshamsadie.
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Sabrina, my darling songbird. Lovely to see you.
Always lovely to see you as well, handsome. Thanks for being.
I caught your act, and it's high time I told you, you're top of the list. You killed. Brava.
Thank you, I'm honored. You're quite the talent yourself, darling.

Deleted comment

Aw, thank you. If it rocks you, gets your toes a tappin', or moves the earth beneath your feet, then all is right in my world.

Both Sadie or Sabrina are fine.